Expertise The Management of the AMC has gained impressive and significant experience in the Real Estate sector and in banking and finance, which is put at the service of investors in the structuring and management of AIFs.
Reliability and transparency Our dedicated teams operate following a formalised and transparent investment selection and portfolio management process, aligned with national and international best practices, relying on a multidisciplinary approach, with diversified expertise and efficient and guaranteed organisational models.
Active asset management Our structures are continuously listening to investors' needs and the latest market indications: we select the most suitable assets to build products that meet the investor's needs. We constantly monitor all the assets under management in order to maximise their value. The size of the AMC is such that it provides a strong proximity to the customer.
Risk control and containment The investment strategies are geared towards containing financial leverage and spreading risk and include broadly diversified real estate portfolios. The organisational structure and the control system are complemented by specialised expertise and leading external outsourcers.
Sustainability The AMC has embarked on a path to increase the degree of sustainability of the products it manages and to integrate ESG factors into its corporate strategies. Our dedicated team monitors regulatory developments and international best practices in order to support and guide investors towards more responsible choices
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