Values ​​and Objectives

Company Values

  • Competence: Company management has gained significant experience in the real estate sector, capabilities that are well appreciated by the investors in the structuring and management of real estate funds.
  •  Reliability and Transparency: Our dedicated teams follow a transparent and rigorous portfolio investment selection and management process, in line with national and international best practices. The process benefits from the multidisciplinary approach, a diversified expertise and well tested organizational models.
  • Active Asset Management: Our teams have a thorough understanding of the changing market dynamics and asset selection is tailor made to meet the client's investment criteria. We constantly monitor all assets under management in order to maximize their value. The medium size of the Company allows to address each client needs more efficiently.
  • Risk Management: Sound investment strategies include appropriate use of financial leverage, controlled risk positioning and analysis of widely diversified real estate portfolios. The organizational structure and control system are complemented by specialized skills and by external outsourcers.

Strategic Objectives

  • Consolidation as real estate alternative asset managers.
  • Development of investments in non-performing loans and distressed banking assets.
  • Consolidation of the social housing platform.
  • Hospitality & leisure sector development.
  • Increase operational capacity and marketing and management of new funds, with expectations of consolidation and growth over the next few years.
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